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Chimney cleaning is a simple way to make sure your fireplace is ready to enjoy during the cold winter months in Dayton, OH. Here at The Chimney Specialist, we offer affordable chimney cleaner services that start at just $85. Do not try to clean your chimney on your own. It is a very dirty and time consuming process that is better left to the experts! Our trained professionals have the experience needed to rid your chimney of potentially dangerous materials.

You may wonder how often you need to have your chimney cleaned. While that depends most on how often you use your fireplace, experts suggest you have your chimney cleaned once a year no matter how frequently it is used. Even when you do not use your fireplace much, you should still have it cleaned at least once a year because any number of bats, birds, or other pests sometimes make their homes in your chimney flue because it provides them with a secure place to nest.

Let our dependable staff at The Chimney Specialist clean your chimney to rid your flue and liner of extremely combustible creosote. This flammable residue can build up in your flue, your chimney liner, your fire box, dampers, and smoke chambers. We completely clean all creosote from your chimney to keep your home safe from the risk of a fire.

Chimney cleaning is also important if you are looking to get the most efficient use from your fireplace.

Creosote hinders the draw of your chimney and reduces its overall efficiency. Talk to us today for more information about chimney cleaning!

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